About the SMAX Brothers (Sam and Max Ovett).

By: Jacob Kahn ( Our Cousin)

Best friends and brothers from Roswell, Georgia, they began paddling at the ages of 12 and 9 years old respectively.  Throughout their endless outdoor adventures, especially whitewater kayaking, they’ve  seen their own growth and maturation and have had an undying desire to be the very best they can be through training, practice, and learning as much about their sports as possible.

Moreover, this constant pursuit for excellence and continued learning in their natural surroundings has been grounded in the appreciation of some of the world’s most beautiful and significant places. Whitewater kayaking to them means not only adrenaline-pumping fun and breathtaking scenes, but also a mature understanding of the layout and processes (of the rivers which are their life-blood) that shape this world every moment of every day.