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This year I had the pleasure of enjoying a fantastic birthday! I got to run Sunshine on the Green River Narrows, thus allowing me to say I have run every rapid on the Green. So for the backstory, Sam and I were given the day off for my birthday and were looking at our favorite website the evening before my birthday looking for creeks to run. (If you are looking for your southeastern flow page and still haven’t found one yet the owners of this page have done a great job keeping the page super accurate on flows.)  As we were scrolling down the page on our so called “smart phones” (if you have AT&T in North Carolina, get Verizon). As we were scrolling through we saw that Linville Gorge was running and that became our mission to get beta and maybe even some one who new the run to show as down. As we started running down the contacts list calling all those we knew who might have paddled or knew of someone paddling Linville, our mood became gloomier and gloomier because every one we were talking to said the water level would not hold for the next day. So we got back on and went back to our southeastern favorite the Green River Narrows in Saluda, NC and as we were looking at the flows gauge, the gauge for the Green read off for the next 2 days. So Sam and I decided to call it a night and hope in the morning that Duke Power would be kind enough to give me a birthday release.

Rob Kelly Groove Tube



The next morning we woke up early and the gauges delivered the best news! That the Green was doing a midnight-to-midnight release! Sam and I were stoked it would be our first run of the Green this summer and we were fired up to get’er done. So we started down our contacts list again calling all those that might join us on my birthday run of the Green. Unfortunately, many people had to work and the crew was not as large as we hoped it might be, but still a phenomenal crew to go to the Green with! Sam and I met up with Rob Kelly and Kelly Hibrink at River’s End restaurant. Thank you Mom, for the gift card it has been awesome! So we all loaded up in one car, since Kelly was kind enough to run shuttle for us while we ran the Narrows. The car ride over to the Green was one of the funniest rides I have been on thus far; our guts were hurting by the time we stepped out of the car. On the way over Kelly asked if we would be willing to run the Upper Green with her so she could paddle. So Rob, Kelly, and I ran the Upper Green while Sam got a leisurely hike in without a boat and Kelly got a awesome hike out without a boat!

A very lonely eddy





So off we went down the Narrows Sam, Rob, and I for my birthday run of the Green! We kept the pace to good clip catching eddies, boofing drops, and just having a blast! Soon we got to Go Left and Die or as our good friend Ryan Boudrand calls it “Players left, bitches right,” we fired it up and had smooth lines. Since the flow was at a healthy 11-12inches all the little scrape rocks vanished and as we neared Gorilla, decision time began. To run or not to run the monkey. We opted to get out and do a quick scout and make our decision, since we had never seen the notch at this level. As we looked down on the notch the water was doing some very funky stuff so we went for the portage and left it to be run another day. From Gorilla we flew down the slides and made it to Groove Tube, boofed the heck out of the tube, and hoped out to take a look at Sunshine the only rapid Sam and I had yet to fire off.

Rob running Sunshine









Thankfully, we were out there with Rob Kelly who showed us the line and led the way. Sam went into the eddy first followed by Rob since the eddy is a first one in last one out type deal. Rob made the ferry and styled the line, leaving Sam alone in the eddy above the drop. Sam followed very swiftly not wanting to dally in the eddy to long. Sam also had a flawless line and even caught the cave eddy for a little bit of fun.








Myself running SunShine









Sam haning out in the cave









Leaving me to be the last one to fire off Sunshine, Sam scrambled up to the top to grab the camera and I slid into my boat and made the ferry over to the eddy. That eddy was a very lonely one, where Sam was on the rock across the river and Rob was down below so safety was set and it was up to me. I took a sec, imagined the line and went, as I cruised over the rock and down the side it felt as if I were a knife slicing through a stick of butter splitting the two rocks and greasing the line. Once I was at the bottom I was elated with happiness having just completed all the rapids on the Green. We took a quick brake snapped a few more pictures of Sunshine and moved out down the river enjoying a great day on the Green.

Celebrating my Birthday below SunShine









As we approached Black Water falls we heard a noise on our right and it was Kelly who had decided to take a nice jog up the side and watch us as we paddled down.  We paddled to the take-out and just soaked in the sun and enjoyed a great day on the Green! On our way back to the Nantahala Gorge Kelly invited us over for dinner with her mom and Rob and we enjoyed an awesome birthday dinner!


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Kayaking Rough Waters by Warren Miller – YouTube.

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