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LRC, Green, 4

   Over the past few weeks, I have had a great time looking at and the Weather Radar deciding what to paddle. In the past 8 days, Max and I have paddled Little River Canyon (locally known as LRC), had a great day on the Green River Narrows, made a run of Section 4 of the Chattooga River just over 2 feet, and have had a week of college classes (Max also ran Dicks Creek). Needless to say, we have been having a good time as well as paddling with good friends.

   LRC was a great day, especially since the sun was out. We rallied over to Northeastern Alabama early in the morning in hopes of having enough water to run the double drop of LRC, a great way to start the canyon. After arriving at the put-in, we looked at the falls and decided it was good to go, but certainly on the low side. We ran shuttle and then took turns running the drop. Our crew turned out to be a pretty big group. I ran the falls first with a not-so-stylish line, resulting in a piton off the first drop and the realization that it was much lower than I had thought…

   Surprisingly, my piton did not seem to deter anyone else from running the drop. There were some really great lines and some not-so-great lines. There was one awesome freewheel, a rail grab, and a monster boof, as well as 2 cracked boats, mine included…bummer. After this, I decided that next time I run the falls it has to be at least 1200 cfs.

   Otherwise, the first drop is just too bony, and the potential for boat breaking is at a maximum. Since our buddy, Stephens boat was beyond repair, he decided to take out after the falls and hang out in the car, enjoying the scenery of the canyon. I was able to shove some foam in the small crack in the bow of my boat and wrap a big duct tape nose cone on the front, which made my boat nearly dry again and allowed me to paddle the rest of the Canyon. Clean lines were had by all. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any photos in the canyon.

Jordan Sherman with the sweetest longboat freewheel!

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School’s in

Well school has started back up for Sam and I this past Monday, so its back to the books for us. Our break was fantastic and we had an epic time crisscrossing the Southeastern, US. One of the last rivers we got on before we went back to the books was Chattooga Section 4, a classic run. We had a fantastic time out there with a crew of about 8 people on January 4, it was nice and chilly but none the less, great day to be out on the river enjoying ourselves to the fullest. Every one had great lines, but by the end of the trip we all new it was COLD, and when I say cold we were all having to help each other pull-off are pfd and other gear due to the chilly temps freezing all the straps. After the Chattooga, Sam and I spent two days up on the Nantahala doing some attainments each day.

Sam Soc-in the Dog at Socem Dog

Then we got a call from our friend Rob Kelly who is a pilot, he asked us if we would want to do any flying. Our unanimous answer was yes, so Sam and I loaded up and headed over to Murphy, NC where Rob’s hangar is and got to have one of the coolest experiences ever. There is nothing like getting to fly in a two-seated single engine plane around the sky’s of North Carolina, it was an unbelievable feeling. If any of you guys ever want to become pilots Sam and I both highly recommend Rob Kelly to be your pilot instructor.

After heading back to college, North Georgia got a small bit of rain and brought up Dicks creek just enough to make it low but runnable. So I called up my buddy Stephens Brown and asked if he was down for a morning lap or two down Dicks and he was in.

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Interview with Founder of Immersion Research: John Weld

“Our typical customer chooses to spend a saturday in a cold rain crawling through rhododendron running whitewater, and these people are great to work with.”

How did Immersion Research begin?

IR began in my basement on a home sewing machine in 1997. At the time I was a full time kayak bum, making ends meet teaching kayaking and running kayak trips to mexico. My wife and business partner Kara was finishing an 8 year stint on the US canoe kayak team. To make a long story short, I thought that I could start making board shorts for my paddling friends, and then it just grew from there. I think it officially became a business when Dinver McClure (now at Pyranha) called us at home and ordered some shorts for his shop in Fayetteville, WV.


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