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Green Days

Weekend Adventure

This past weekend Sam and I headed out to The Green River Narrows in Asheville, N.C. to go have some fun, we were able to do 3 laps down the river two Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday was great, on our first lap Sam and I rallied down the river only getting out to do a quick scout of gorilla and then we both fired it up and had some super styling lines.  Once we got to the bottom we got a warm welcome by Chris Gragtmans who was handing out orange slices to every one at the take out, which were awesome because they were super delicious and it was unusually warm out for the time of year, so it felt a little like summer time! Then we were able to hitch a ride back up to the put in with Adriene Levknecht and Snowy Robertson for a second lap, so big shout out, thanks you guys for that!

Sam and I then took a quick break and had a little bit of food before we took of down the trail for our second lap. We again rallied down the river, then when we got to gorilla, Sam went and set a quick safety for me and I fired it up.


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Mark Singleton Executive Director of American Whitewater (AW)

SMAXBros. Interview.

As Executive Director of American Whitewater, what role do you play in the river community?

In the river community, American Whitewater is the group that works to protect and restore whitewater rivers. Since 2005 we have been actively involved in the removal of eleven old and uneconomical hydropower dams. In addition, we have restored flows and improved access to 25 nationally significant whitewater runs and helped designate 1,119 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers.

American Whitewater is a relatively small non-profit organization, we have eight full-time staff that work across the country on river stewardship projects. Since staff is spread across the east and west coasts plus the Rockies, I’m the guy responsible for keeping the various parts of the organization functioning smoothly. While American Whitewater may look like a duck floating calmly on the surface of the water, no one has to know how much kicking is happening.

One of my primary roles at American Whitewater is to make sure the organization has the financial resources to fulfill its river stewardship goals. To accomplish this I spend a good deal of time building relationships with our partners. These partners include industry sponsors, federal agencies, foundations that support our work, private donors and most importantly members who support us through their membership dues.


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Sponsor Us: Expedition Ecuador!



To potential expedition sponsors,

San Rafael Falls, is a symbol of Ecuador’s magisterial beauty and natural wonders.  It is threatened by the Coca Codo Sinclair Project which will divert most of the water to generate hydroelectric power and result in the destruction of the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve which is a major draw for ecotourism in the area. This is why it is extremely important to us that the world is aware that in a place where the right to exist is legally given to the natural world an accepted proposal of a dam will essentially be stripping the natural world of its constitutional rights thus opening the door for further detrimental impact.  


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